Welcome To My Head (or at least the rather large part devoted to the 49ers and football in general)

November 17, 2008

Hey, all. The name is James Brady, and this here’s yet another blog dedicated to pro football in the NFL, or more accurately, the San Francisco 49ers. As a longtime explorer of blogs and personal opinions, I find that I myself, am full to the brim of similar and differing opinions–so I felt the need to start my own little blog.

So what should you expect from me? Well I figure I’ll be posting at least once a day, all posts will likely consist of these things: actual 49ers news stories updated daily, my opinions of these stories, my opinions of particular players, previews of upcoming games, summaries of past games, and pretty much anything I feel the need to blab about. One thing you can expect is that I’ll try and keep everything informative. I’ve already got a blog to vent my mind on other stuff–this one is strictly football, mainly 49ers. They’re my team, I’ve been a fan my whole life, born into it and loving every minute of it. This is my team. My players. My field, and you’re my fellow fans. So if you get bored, come check out my little blog every now and then to see what I’ve got to say about the 49ers. Starting tomorrow morning I’ll be posting as much as humanly possible while still being relevant. (To know more about me personally, head to my personal blog at http://lukemiaschizophrenia.wordpress.com, though I’ve also just started this one. It will be active and booming very soon.)


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